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Hendri’s is the kind of catering gig you dream of, seriously, when you’re a party planner.

Their company helped up throw an amazing “Back to School Party” for staff and faculty and everyone was relaxed, cheery and happily reconnecting after a long summer. This was in large part due to Dan/Maura and their outstanding staff AND their fantastic foodstuffs!

The menu does not shy away from trying current or trendy flavor profiles but also has an arsenal (and I do mean arsenal) of tasty, comfy, time-tested foods both finger and plated.

Unbelievably gorgeous and multiple flavors of Deviled Egg, crispy Adobe Beggar’s Purse, Brie Quesadillas with fresh Mango, Satays, Chipotle BBQ Burger Bites (addictive), Sushi (Maki) Rolls, Hummus Boards, Spanakopitas with just the right seasoning and just the right crunch, and our absolute favorite was the Mini Roasted New Potatoes filled with the creamiest of Goat Cheeses (topped with or without Chives or Bacon).

For me what is one of the biggest take-aways about Hendri’s is the price point. St. Louis is weighed down with TOO many catering establishments that overcharge by two and three times what they should, holding their customers financially hostage while only offering tiny doll house food that can NEVER be served at the temperatures they ought.

Hendri’s takes the high road leaving them all behind and gives you all the gourmet you can handle without the gouge.

We will happily and hungrily be employing Hendri’s for our next party. Thank you for everything!


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