Boxed Lunches


Chicken Salad
in a curry mayo w/ walnuts and dates on french bread

Sicilian Sub
roast beef, salami, ham, cheese, olive relish

Turkey Bacon Wrap
turkey, cheddar, apple, bacon w/ cranberry aioli

Turkey Lettuce Wrap
swiss, caramelized onions, lettuce w/ orange aioli

Chef Salad Wrap
turkey, ham, egg, tomato, lettuce w/ ranch dressing

Asian Chicken Wrap
in a sweet chili glaze w/ carrots, peppers, rice noodles

greek-salad-wrapsVeggie Wrap
cucumber, tomato, lettuce, feta, black olives w/ hummus

Cowboy Salad
bbq chicken, cheese, eggs, corn, beans, tortilla chips w/ ranch

Cobb Salad
chicken, cheese, bacon, tomato, egg, w/ red wine vinaigrette

Classic Caesar Salad
romaine and house made croutons w/ grilled chicken or salmon

Boneless Chicken
grilled w/ rosemary and chives w/ tarragon aioli

Thai Chicken
poached in coconut milk served w/ orange peanut sauce

poached in white wine served w/ dill mayo



Hendri’s Classic Potato Salad
mayonnaise base w/ peppers, onion, cheese

French Potato Salad
w/ green beans, olives, capers, egg, in tarragon vinaigrette

Southwest Pasta Salad
in chipotle ranch w/ corn, onions, cheddar, peppers, beans

Italian Pasta Salad
in sweet vinaigrette w/ mozzarella, pepperoni, artichokes

Rice Salad
w/ carrots, peppers, onions in sesame dressing

Quinoa Salad
w/sunflower seeds, dried cranberries in sweet vinaigrette

Fresh Fruitfresh-fruit-20110629wm
varies by seasonal availability

Creamy Orzo
w/ sun-dried tomatoes, green onions

Beverages & Dessert

A wide selection of beverage are available

Soft Drinks, Lemonade, House Made Punch, Iced Tea, Citrus Water

A wide selection of desserts are available
Cookies, Brownies, Tartlets, Cannoli

please call for options, ideas or your special needs

All Boxed Lunches Include

One Entree and Two Sides


please allow 48 hours notice for all orders

minimum order restrictions apply
add sales tax and delivery fee
prices subject to change without notice