Hors d’oeuvres

# vegetarian item, ^ vegan item, ~ gluten free item

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Lemon Sage Ricotta #
Tomato Bruschetta #
Smoked Salmon
Curry Chicken Salad
Pork Tenderloin and Garlic Aioli
Pulled Pork
Catholic Pizza
Spring Snow #

hors menu cheese


Market Board Display # ~
domestic cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers
Brie en Croute #
brie and fruit marmalade wrapped in puff pastry and baked, served w/ french bread
Savory Cheesecake
mushroom sherry #, tomato basil #, smoked salmon
Antipasto Board # ~
assorted italian meats, breads, cheeses, peppers, olives, dips served w/ breads, toasts

Hors menu dips

Trio of Dips

Hummus # ^ ~
Spinach Dip # ~
Bruschetta # ~
Cucumber Raita # ~
Baked Potato Dip ~
Mediterranean Dip # ~
BLT Dip ~
Black Bean Dip # ~
Eggplant Caponata
Curry Tofu Dip # ^ ~
Roasted Red Pepper and Eggplant Dip # ~


Mini Sandwiches

Curry Chicken Salad
w/ lettuce on an egg bun
Roast Turkey
w/ caramelized onion, orange aioli on wheat
Ham and Cheddar
w/ cranberry aioli on rye
Italian Salami
w/ red pepper and olive relish on french bread
Chicken Club
chicken breast, bacon tomato, lettuce w/ pesto aioli on sourdough
Caprese Sandwich #
fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato, lettuce on ciabatta w/ balsamic mayo
Classic BLT
bacon, lettuce, tomato on white bread
Mediterranean Wrap #
fresh vegetables, feta, greek dressing
Pulled Pork
spiced or bbq w/ veggie slaw on an egg bun
Mini Burger
w/ pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion
Meatball Slider
w/ marinara, mozzarella on italian bread
Asian Tempeh Wrap # ^

tempeh, carrots, red peppers w/ tahini dressing



Caesar #
romaine, shaved parmesan, croutons, dressing
House #
romaine, vegetables, craisins, Hendri’s house dressing

Spinach #
mixed greens, strawberries, feta, spiced nuts, poppyseed dressing


Diablo #
chipotle cream sauce w/ peppers, tomatoes, roasted corn, red onions, jalapenos

Pesto #
basil pesto sauce w/ sun-dried tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, mushrooms

Sesame #
in a peanut sauce w/ veggies, sesame seeds
Cheese Pillows #
in a burnt butter sauce w/ fresh sage
or in a pesto sauce w/ red peppers
D’Angelo #
tomato cream sauce w/ spinach, peppers, onions


Beef ~
Pork ~
Salmon ~
Shrimp ~
Mixed Grill ~

Chicken Skewers

Buffalo ~
served w/ cool ranch

served w/ marinara
Hawaiian ~
served w/ honey soy sauce
Peanut ~
chilled and encrusted w/ chutney and peanuts
Jamaican ~
served w/ orange coconut aioli
served w/ spicy glaze

Carving Station

Carving Station


Roasted Breast of Turkey ~
Herb Encrusted Pork Tenderloin ~
Top Round of Roast Beef ~
Caraway Pork Loin ~
Garlic Infused Roast Beef ~


Stuffed Stuff

Mushrooms or New Potatoes (gluten free and vegetarian options available)
spinach artichoke. spicy crab. italian sausage. bleu cheese walnut. bacon cheddar. four cheese

Dates ~
stuffed w/ goat cheese mousse, wrapped in bacon

Samosas #
puff pastry filled with curried potatoes and peas
or w/ spinach, potato, onion

Rangoon ~ (vegetarian options available)
classic crab or spinach in a wonton

Pot Stickers
pork or chicken w/ tamari
Deviled Eggs ~ (vegetarian options available)

w/ classic dill or gourmet fillings
Puffs (vegetarian options available)
italian sausage and sun-dried tomato. veggie. mexican. pizza. buffalo chicken.

Quesadillas (vegetarian options available)
chipotle black bean. mango and brie. cheese. sweet potato and pulled pork.
Adobe Beggars Purse
southwest chicken in a phyllo dough

filled w/ beef and cheeses

Spanakopita #
filled w/ spinach and cheeses
Feuilletée #
puff pastry w/ ham, cheese, spicy mustard
Wonton Tarts ~ (vegetarian options available)
buffalo chicken. four cheese. bleu cheese and pear. mexican.
Lasagna Bites (vegetarian options available)
mini lasagna cups w/ or w/o meat

This and That

Potato Pancakes # ~
served w/ assorted toppings

Mushroom Tarts #
w/ swiss cheese in a tart shell
Olive and Artichoke Tarts #
w/ goat cheese in a tart shell
Chipotle BBQ Burger Bites
bite sized burgers w/ caramelized onions and cheddar cheese
Sushi Rolls (vegetarian options available)
assorted rolls served w/ wasabi and ginger
Spring Rolls (vegetarian option available)
cashew chicken and vegetables
Housemade Meatballs ~
savory or sweet
Antipasto Skewers ~
tomato, prosciutto, cheese, tortellini, olives
Buffalo Chicken Dip ~
served w/ celery and french bread
Hot Crab and Corn Dip ~
served w/ crackers and tortilla chips
Hendri’s Chicken Wings
tossed in Hendri’s sauce
Coconut Shrimp
w/ orange coconut rum dipping sauce
Chipotle BBQ Burger Bite
w/ caramelized onions and cheddar cheese
Italian Meatball Bite
w/ mozzarella and pepperoni

# vegetarian item, ^ vegan item, ~ gluten free item

Some items can be customized to fit special dietary needs, please inquire.

Ingredients subject to change without notice due to market quality and availability.
Appropriate substitutions will be made.